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The History of Team Roping

The origins of team roping date back to the 18th century when Spanish caballeros worked on ranches. Cowboys developed this technique when they handled larger animals that one man couldn’t handle alone. It’s one of the few rodeo events that directly evolved from...

The History of Barrel Racing

In barrel racing, the clock rules. The winner of a race can be determined by thousandths of a second, which makes barrel racing one of the fastest rodeo events. Barrel racing officially started in 1928 when it became the first sport for women on horseback, while the...

Rodeo Results: Month of September

Below are the first place winners for every weekend, from each event during the month of September. Congratulations, y’all! BULL RIDING 9/2/16 – Hernald John (Tuba City, AZ) 9/3/16 – Lane Clark (Woodward, OK) 9/9/16 – Robson Aragao (Sao Paulo, BRA)...