The Funnyman and Terms To Know Before You Go To A Rodeo!!!

The Funnyman and Terms To Know Before You Go To A Rodeo!!!

Barrelman: An entertainer who uses a barrel to distract a bull after a ride. Such distractions sometimes protect the cowboy.

Breaking the barrier: This occurs during a timed event when a rider leaves the box too soon, failing to give the bull a sufficient head start. Riders who break the barrier are assessed a 10-seconds penalty.
Bullfighter: An athlete who protects the bull rider after he dismounts or is bucked off. A bullfighter can distract the bull by directing its attention to the exit gate or even stepping between the bull and the bull rider.
Chute: a pen that holds an animal safely in position
Covering: this occurs during rough stock events when a rider stays on at least the minimum time of eight seconds.
Draw: Conducted three days before each PRCA rodeo, the draw is random and assigns each rough stock competitor a specific bucking horse or bull.Time-event contestants are assigned a calf or steer in a random on-site draw shortly before each rodeo begins. 
Flags: used in rodeo’s timed events so judges can signal the timers to stop the clocks. Judges in the arena will drop the flags.
Flankman: a cowboy or cowgirl who works in the bucking chutes, adjusting the flant strap around the animal before the ride. 
Go-round: each round of completion in a rodeo
Hazer: the cowboy who rides on the right side of the steer from the contestant to make sure the steer runs straight.
Hooey: the knot a cowboy uses to finish tying the calf’s leg together in tie-down roping
Piggin string: the small rope used to tie a calf’s legs together in tie-down roping.
Rank: an adjective of praise and respect used to describe especially challenging roughstock
Riggin: a suitcase style handhold customized to a riders grip and attached to ta molded piece of leather that is cinched, with a pad, around the horse’s girth
Triple Crown Winner: a cowboy who wins three world championship in the same year


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