The Bull Riding Hall of Fame...

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame...


When you stand on the steps of the Cowtown Coliseum waiting for the Stockyards Championship Rodeo to begin, you'll notice The Bull Riding Hall of Fame signs on the massive pillars out front. 
The BRHOF was founded in 2012 and held it's inaugural induction ceremonies in May of 2015.  
And, what a celebration it was! 
No one there will forget Neal Gay talking about his great friend Jim Shoulders or Harry Tompkins visiting with Kajun Kidd for one last time. That's what makes the BRHOF one-of-a-kind! Those special moments where time stands still and champions stand in their glory for one more tip of the hat.
Shortly after that first event, the planning and arrangements were finalized to bring The  Bull Riding Hall of Fame to the legendary Fort Worth Stockyards and the historic Cowtown Coliseum.
In July of 2015, at the annual Cowboy Gala, the first public announcement was made that The BRHOF was coming to the Coliseum. That was also the night Larry Mahan was inducted into The BRHOF as he was unable to attend the inaugural ceremonies in May due to flooding at his Sunset, Texas ranch. 
The BRHOF will be growing as the members nominate and vote in a new class of Inductees every year. 
The 4th Annual, Class of 2018, Induction Ceremonies and Reunion will be coming up in the Spring of 2018. 2018 will also be the centennial celebration of the world's first indoor rodeo held right here in the Cowtown Coliseum in 1918.
The Bull Riding Hall of Fame is continually growing in the Hall itself, inside the Cowtown Coliseum, as Inductee plaques, amazing paintings and sculptures, memorabilia, and photo displays are added to the exhibits. 
There could not be a more fitting or ideal venue than the Cowtown Coliseum for The Bull Riding Hall of Fame to be located. 
The BRHOF is a 501c3 non-profit organization where every person involved is a volunteer honoring the great sport of Bull Riding and its legends. 
The BRHOF truly is an independent, sports Hall of Fame, without special interests or favoritism to associations, geographical regions, or eras of competition or contributions. 
The BRHOF has 4 categories of Inductees...
The Bull Riders 
The Bull Fighters 
The Bulls 
The Legends
The Bull Riding Hall of  Fame is proud to be a partner with our great friends in the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Cowtown Coliseum and look forward to an exciting future!  
Learn more about how you can become a nominating and voting member, partner, sponsor, volunteer or supporter at...
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The Bull Riding Hall of Fame...
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